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Excellent choice for your next generation network
SG Security Switch

SG2000 / SG2100 / SG2200 / SG2300 Series

Optimal security, user-friendly network operation
HDN’s SG security switch is a next generation network security solution that independently detects and blocks internal security threats in order to ensure stabilization of network services and to improve operational convenience.


Armed with an exclusive harmful traffic analysis engine(MDS engine)
MDS engine conducts behavior based traffic analysis in order to detect and block harmful traffic without affecting performance of the switch.
Selective blocking and prevention of harmful traffic
SG security switch allows normal traffic and blocks user’s harmful packet selectively to ensure the service continuity.
Easy security configuration
Unlike existing security solution, SG security switch independently determines and blocks harmful traffic through enabling security function or selecting the mode – detect/block.
Interoperability with other switches
SG Security switch uses AVAGO(Broadcom) Chipset for the highest reliability and standard protocol as well as the excellent compatibility with other solutions.
Free Management software(VNM)
VNM(Visual Node Manager) is a network monitoring software which also can manage the other brands’ switches.
Implementation of reliable and trusted network
CC certification of National Intelligence Service, security functions with reliability ensured by security conformance verification and diversity of references from local & international mean proven performance and functionality.

Main Functions

Block network attack
Block DoS, DDoS, ARP Spoofing, SCAN and Flooding flooding attack through MDS security engine
Block cable loop detection
Any type of Cable Loop is blocked automatically to prevent the further network failure, while a bundle VNM provides the failure indication through visual and audible alarm.
Power Supply Redundancy
Power Redundancy without separate expansion module will ensure users to enjoy the business continuity.
VNM sends web-alert to the user whenever it detects any malware packet.

SG Security Switch Lineup

  • SG2000 Series
    • The world #1 security switch
    • Advanced & In-depth Security
    • Numerous references
  • SG2100 Series
    • Performance Upgrade
    • 10G Uplink
    • EEE Support
    • 802.3at
  • SG2200 Series
    • A dedicated uplink ports
    • More port density
    • Large capacity PoE
  • SG2300 Series
    • Modular Power and Fan
    • 4ports x 40G uplink
    • Performance upgrade


License Table
SG2000 Standard License
SG2100 Standard License
SG2200 Standard License
SG2300 Standard License


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